The Unit is Under Contract and Pending Sale

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go to link CR Orex (Orex PcCR 1417 Tabletop CR System)

Has a small component that is loose preventing cassette insertion.
This loose component is visible to the naked eye at the edge of the cassette insertion point.
If you move this loose part and manually force the cassette in, the CR
is capable of developing the image. The unit is ready for inspection.

Comes with toughbook laptop with functional software (Windows XP)
Comes with 2 cassettes-One cassette has visible artifacts, the other cassette is OK.
Price $1,500 US.


System Description: This is a portable or tabletop computed radiography system for lower-volume imaging environments. Images are acquired in less than a minute with no film, no chemicals, and no disposal (environmental) issues.

Virtual elimination of the need for retakes. • Elimination of lost images. • Simplification in the filing of images. • Electronic transmission of digital images for consultation. • Eliminates the need for processing chemicals and film. • Faster processing time. Digital images are acquired in less than one minute. • Reduces transportation weight. • Eliminates the need for the disposal of caustic chemicals.


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