Shipping CARGO to Haiti


Galaxy Export is ready to accept all types of cargo which we will end via cargo freighter from Miami to Cap Haitien, or Gonaive, or Miragoane Call Now!


We Ship for Clients who are in Oboy, Limbe, Point du Norde, Limonade, Cap-Haitien, Gonaive, Port de Paix, Jn Rabel, Bonnbard, Cote de Fer, Marouge, Bay de henne, DeForge, Mole St. Nicholoas,  Miami to Cap Haitien, or Gonaive, or Miragoane

We ship for Customers in US, Orlando, Jacksonville, Miramar, West Palm Beach, Miami, Homestead, Bradenton, Ft. Pierce, Ft Myers, Ocala, Sanford, Daytona, Tampa, Naples, Georgia, Virginia, South Carolina, Texas, North Carolina, Maryland, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, California, Michigan, North and South Dakota, Minnesota, Illinois, Oklahoma, Alabama, Mississippi, Kentucky, Pensacola, etc.

Send: Send boxes, sacs, pepe, furniture, equipment, cars, trucks, motorcycles, food, trailers, engines, generators, boats, building supplies, garden supplies, chairs, refrigerators, tv,

stove, washer, dryer, couch, entertainment centers, satellite dish, appliances, rice, flour,

sugar, juice, tomato paste, oils, beauty supply

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Shipping to Haiti 305-896-3236

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Shipping to Haiti 305-896-3236

Send Cars, trucks, Vans, SUV, Boxes, Sacks, Appliance, furniture, Equipment, Clothes,
Generators, Plywood, Building Materials, and Food.

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Shipping from  Miami to Cap Haitien, or Gonaive, or Miragoane, Mole St Nicolas, Jn Rabel, Bonnbard, Gonaives, Cote de Fer, Marouge, Bay de Henne,
DeForge, Port de Paix, CAP-HAITIAN (OCAP)

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