We Service the Federal Government

Strategic Solutions

Facilities support program through all phases of development, procurement, execution, and personnel integration. Carry out onsite offsite management effectiveness with cascading infrastructure oscillating communication exchanges to deliver full cycle performance. Ensure completion on all tasks with benefits beyond required acquisition framework. Institute mission improvement standards with adherence to Quality management planning and monitoring.  Produce strategies aligning budget targets and allocations. Provide oversite management support control mechanisms to improve development focus impacts.

In addition to being competent in the technical aspects, Our Program Management Support have extensive formal training in project management techniques and tools. We have proven ourselves as true professionals at managing the logistics of personnel, time, materials, and funds. We will establish continuous connectivity with Government stakeholders during performance. We understand the critical nature and importance of rapid, seamless, and flawless technical support solutions. The Afily8 Team proposes the use of a technical plan of action with a medium for outlining, and allocating resources required to complete any effort for the Government.

We Service the Federal Government

⇒ Department of Veterans


⇒ Navy

⇒ Army

⇒ National Guard

⇒ Air Force

⇒ Marine Corp

⇒ Coast Guard

⇒ Department of Justice (DOJ)-Bureau of Prisons, FBI




⇒ Forestry

⇒ United States Government Publishing Office (GPO)

⇒ US Forest Service

⇒ Department of Commerce




⇒ Office of Personnel Management

Services We Provide

Healthcare Staffing
Information and Arts
Tele Radiology
Diagnostic Imaging Services
Personnel Augmentation
Management External/Internal Support
Onsite/Offsite Logistics
Information Solutions and Technology
Administrative and clerical support
Automatic Data Processing
General services and support
Locum Tenens
Technical and Professional
Deep Sea Freight
Facility Support
Maintenance Repair
Base Operations

Award Vehicles

  • Certified SDVOSB
  • Veteran Owned Business
  • Small Business

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Sharing similarities defined by our client’s mission critical fulfillment requirements, would lead organizations in different trajectories to find a solution  to our customer’s dilemma by utilizing resources from each distinct entity.

Solutions are available but requires combining individual resource elements from each organization. Afily8 is your partner of choice in the ever-changing complexities of the mission critical fulfillment approach.

We seek synergy with mutual understanding that your desire to meet and exceed the demands of the client is paramount.